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I love this guy.

He is so cute

21 December 1959
The "SawGuy" which is my nickname works here and in real life. It started out as a nickname I used for the first time I signed on/up for AOL version 2.0. I didn't even own a computer but AOL felt so gregarious towards me they sent little ole me a floppy disk [edit]{remember those?} with their program offer on it. With free minutes even. They must have thought me special.

So when I signed up I needed a nick name and Sawguy was what came up cause they always were asking if "the saw guy" was here, at my work. You see as part of my work I repair 2 cycle motors, IE Chainsaws, weed whackers and blowers.

Now Gold certified with Husqvarna and Silver with Stihl equipment.

As I live in a fairly wooded area in the Santa Cruz mountains chainsaws are both needed for cleaning up tree branches which have fallen, and now create a fire hazard, as well as blight, but also for peoples income in selling firewood.

I service the saws for several logging companies, and firewood providers.
There is still quite a bit of redwood to be milled up and sold for decking and other uses.
We are now into what is called the 3rd and 4th harvest of these here woods.
Oak and Madrone trees still grow well enough to be harvested for firewood.

I have as of 2011 after my dads passing [2011] have taken on quite a bit of responsibility of late
You might read some of my posts about that too.

I noted within myself during the last 3 years of my dad's life, and my care giving for him, I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. You know the kind of disorder the military finds during harsh times. I do well during the event, but suffer after the event with depression.

Not much to do about it other than notice PTSD and deal with it as a disorder not a disability.

I have been with my work now since 1989 and am working on my 26th year.

Flickr photos I updated it with some family photos 2015.

Edited 12-7-15